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Welcome to FEDAFPA

Who can join FEDAFPA?

Any person from who’s land a fire can start or spread where such a fire can be classified as a veld fire and who is deemed to be the responsible person or entity may join FEDAFPA. The National Veld and Forest Fire Act (Act 101 of 1998) deems any person or entity except the owner that is in control of a given piece of land through a contract, agreement or court order to be the responsible person or entity. This includes tenants, commanders, chief executive officers and executive committees or governing bodies of community or other organisations. The Act however stipulates that all state owned or controlled land must join a FPA should an FPA exist in the area where such land is located. Read FEDAFPA's Printable Constitution for further membership information, rules and fee structure.

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How Can You Become a Member?

  1. Complete the online membership application form.
  2. Register every individual land unit under your control per area in the form.
  3. Register every individual land unit under your control per area in the form.
  4. On completion of registration FEDAFPA will e-mail an invoice.
  5. Complete the risk mapping and the available fire fighting capacity per land unit.
  6. When membership fees have been paid a certificate of membership will be issued.

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The FEDAFPA District is divided into 15 Fire Management Areas:

  • Moqhaka
  • Diepspruit
  • Goettenberg
  • Moedersdeel
  • Sector a & b
  • Vaal Eden
  • Vegkop
  • Cornelia
  • Dundas
  • Graskop
  • Riversdal
  • Skurwekop
  • Tweeling
  • Van Renenskop
  • Villiers
Each area is subdivided into Sectors. Fire Management Area Committees elect and appoint an Area Manager. To ensure that Sectors can be efficiently serviced and fire management can be effectively implemented Sectors is generally not bigger than 40 thousand and smaller than 20 thousand hectares. Each Sector is led by a Sector Leader that is also a member of the Area Committee.

Farm / Property Fire Risk Planning

The National Veld and Forest Fire Act holds people responsible for basic fire management on land that is deemed to be under their control. It is an irrefutable fact that management cannot be done without basic understanding and information about the subject or circumstance that needs to be managed. Even the most elementary fire management plan requires a basic risk analysis to gauge the extent of the risk that needs to be managed. Only when the risk is assessed can reasonable steps be taken to lessen the risk. Failure to apply reasonable rudimentary fire management can lead to criminal charges or liability claims. Insurance companies are highly likely to repudiate claims where negligence is found to be a contributing factor. The Fire Risk Mapping system were accepted by FEDAFPA as a practical way in which members can apply basic fire management practices. Level 6 Fire Risk Maps is a part of the Risk and Resource Survey that constitutes a Level 6 disaster management plan. Level 6 plans are used to produce a Sector Fire Management Plan. FEDAFPA member numbers is a required field in this form and is available on the FEDAFPA invoice. The Risk and Resource survey cannot be completed without a FEDAFPA member number.

  • Fire Risk Maps should preferably be finalized and uploaded as part of the Risk and Resource survey. Download Fire Risk Map.
  • Each individual piece of land must be registered separately on the Risk and Resource data base.
  • Click on the button below and complete the form.

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